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FRH Radio is passionate about providing independent artists with an outlet for their music, so if you are an indie country music artist looking to reach a wider audience we are waiting to hear from you!!
In order to comply with our licencing conditions, and to provide our listeners with the highest quality listening experience, we do have to ask you to ensure your submission meets the following conditions:-

  1. We are seeking all genres and styles of Country Music, including, but not limited to, Bluegrass, Cajun, Americana, Progresive Country and Western Swing.

  2. Music must be studio quality and we cannot accept live recordings.

  3. All songs must be sent to us in an mp3 format file and properly meta tagged.
    Click here for information about our meta tagging service

  4. We CANNOT accept social network links.

  5. Please also include a short bio about you and your music, along with details of any record label you are working with, and any appropriate artwork.

  6. If you are a songwriter and are sending in one of your songs, unless you are the singer, your track MUST be accompanied by the singer's consent, IN WRITING, for the track to be played on FRHRadio.

If you would like to submit your music for consideration for radio airplay, copy and paste into your email client, attach the necessary file(s) and send us the email with your song. We look forward to hearing from you......

[IMPORTANT NOTE - As much as we want to promote independent artists, we do reserve the right not to include any song to our play list which we feel is unsuitable for any reason. This decision will be final and binding.]