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FRH Radio is now pleased to be able to offer a range of great quality branded merchandise which can be purchased through our retail partners "Spring"

These items are available to all our listeners worldwide and include a range of T-Shirts, Vests and Hoodies with several different designs, colours and sizes. We are also now selling official FRH Radio mugs (as used by the FRH team!). A selection of the items available are shown below and the full range can be found on the "Spring" website.

Please also be aware that every sale will contribute to our running costs, and will help keep the station on air playing the best independent and mainstream music we can find, so what better way to show your support for your favorite radio station?

Thank you.

Click on any item below and you will be taken to the "Spring" website where you will see our full range, be able to choose your options and complete your purchase.