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FRH Radio was launched on the 4th January 2021 and is based in Essex in England.

The station was initially the idea of two UK country music artists, whose intention is to play the best country music they can find, with an emphasis on new and independent artists. They hope that FRH Radio will become the "go to" station for all country music lovers and everyone who is interested in listening to great country music artists from around the globe.

The driving force behind the station is Kay Cook-Abbott, a UK based independent country singer and songwriter who has a passion to help fellow independent artists get their music heard by a wider audience.

Kay is joined by Mick Hearn a fellow UK country music artist who has been playing guitar for more years than he cares to remember and is a steel guitar player of some repute in both the UK and USA.

The American connection comes in the form of Jerry Lee Willis, another long standing independent musician and DJ who hails from California

Kay, Mick, and Jerry hope that you will enjoy the music they play but please feel free to let us know what you think through the FRH Music Facebook page by clicking HERE.

We are always on the lookout for new music, so if you are an independent country music artist and would like to be added to our playlists, head over to our our Song Submissions page for more information.


Kay Cook-Abbott
Station Founder/Manager & On-air Presenter

More about Kay on her website at:-
Mick Hearn
Station Founder & On-air Presenter

Playing the best mainstream and
independent Western Swing Music.
Jerry Lee Willis
Station Founder & On-air Presenter

Presenting live shows from the West Coast of the USA
every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday
Craig Parry
On-air Presenter

Presenting his Moonshine Experience from his studio in Wales.
Dennis Scott
On-air Presenter / Voiceover artist

Counting down the Texas Top 20 Radio Downloads.


FRH Radio would not exist without the great music we play, so our thanks go to the following DJ's and On-Air Presenters who are helping us on this journey with their syndicated shows.

Bill Green
On-air Presenter

Hosting the CD Tex Radio Show
Ben Atkinson
On-air Presenter

Hosting Ben's Country Music Show
Pete Matthewman
On-air Presenter

Hosting It's My Country
Dave Watkins
On-air Presenter

Hosting The Country Mile
Gene Bradley Fisk
On-air Presenter

Hosting Oz Country
Connie Kis Anderson
On-air Presenter

Hosting Showcase Australia
"Big Daddy" Nile Peaytt
On-air Presenter

Hosting 90s Country Flashback and 615 The Grind
Susanne Taggart
On-air Presenter

Hosting The Saturday Hop
Steve Taggart
On-air Presenter

Hosting Steve's Country Road
Pastor Ed Brady
On-air Presenter

Hosting Gospel Country
DJ Mike
On-air Presenter

Hosting Dance Time In Texas
Jon Sentell
On-air Presenter

Hosting The Bluegrass Gospel Hour
John Godfrey
On-air Presenter

Hosting The Troubador Show and Country Aint Dead Yet


FRH Radio is a labour of love for Kay and the team.

The station is run on a "not-for-profit" basis and none of the team receive any financial reward from their involvement with FRH Radio. However, broadcasting the best country music we can find, 24 hours a day does cost money and this is paid for out of the station founder's own pockets.

If you enjoy the music and programmes we broadcast, and would like to help support us, you can do so in one of two ways:-

1 Click on the PayPal "Donate" button below the site links and make a small donation.

2 You can advertise your business by sponsoring one of our shows. Contact us via our 'Contact Page' for more details.

All monies received will ONLY be used towards the 3rd party running costs of the station. Thank you.

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If you like what you hear, please support us with a small donation

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