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FRH Radio streams 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so whenever you tune in you are guaranteed the best country music you can hear anywhere......

Our programme listings below contains a number of daily shows, offering different styles and sources of country music, and between shows there is a constant rolling playlist of music for you to enjoy.

An important note on show times.....

The times in our programme listings below are shown in UK time.

Because we stream internationally, we repeat many of our shows over the week (commencing Saturdays) at different times in order to take account of the main time zones in the USA & Canada
which are up to 8 hours behind the UK

The widget below shows current UK time and YOUR local time to help you compare times (and day) with our UK show times.

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Please be aware shows may start a few minutes after the advertised times for technical reasons
Important Notice
Due to the ongoing addition of new shows to our broadcast schedule, it is sometimes necessary to remove or reschedule some existing shows. The current show times are as shown below.

NEW ** The Richie D Show ** NEW

Richie D joins FRH Radio to present a 2 hour blend of the best mainstream and independent country music from his studio in Ireland.
21.30 20.00

NEW ** The Ol' Hippy Bluegrass Show ** NEW

A one hour syndicated show of Bluegrass music. Not to be missed.
02.30 14.30 17.00

The Gospel Bluegrass Show

An hour of Bluegrass music with a gospel twist brought to you by John Sentell every Sunday.
10.30 and 22.30

'HAPPY HOUR' with Dennis Scott

Grab a beer and join Dennis in the bar for an an hour of great music.
04.00 22.30 14.30 19.00

Canadian Country

A one hour playlist of great country music from mainstream and independent Canadian artists.
00.00 23.00 16.00 12.00

'Oz' Country

A one hour syndicated show featuring the best Australian mainstream and independent artists
hosted by Gene Bradley Fisk
16.00 05.00 23.00

The Billboard Country Airplay Charts

The top 20 from this week's Billboard Charts
Hosted by Kay Cook-Abbott
02.30 21.30 10.30

Ben's Country

A syndicated show from the UK.
Music, chat and more, hosted by Ben Atkinson.
10.30 01.30 19.00

Showcase Australia

An hour of new releases from Australian mainstream and independent Country Music artists
hosted by Connie Kis Anderson.
18.30 16.00 04.00

Mel and Brad

An hour of great music hosted by Mel and Brad Simmonds
12.00 04.00 19.00 13.30

Mick's Swing Mix

An hour of just Western Swing Music chosen by Mick Hearn
10.30 17.30 00.00 04.00

The FRH Early Morning Playlist

An hour of great music to start the day in the UK
06.30 06.30 06.30 06.30 06.30 06.30 06.30

The UK Morning Show

Mick "Voice of the UK" Hearn helps you to start the day - Mondays to Fridays
08.00 08.00 08.00 08.00 08.00

The UK Morning Show

Get Saturdays and Sundays started listening to some great music with Kay Cook-Abbott
08.00 08.00

Jerry Lee's Sunday Show

Join Jerry Lee Willis for his Sunday show

The Lion & The Lamb - Country Gospel Playlist

Listen to a Playlist of Country Gospel Music on a Sunday

The "Voice of the UK" Western Swing Show

Mick Hearn brings you his selection of the best Western Swing music
19.00 13.30 01.30 & 21.30

The Orange Blossom Special

Three hours of the best mainstream and independent upbeat new country with Kay Cook-Abbott
19.00 10.30 01.30 15.00

The FHR Indie Radio Show

A two hour show dedicated soley to independent artists
04.00 10.30 13.30

Jerry Lee's Country Show

Jerry Lee brings you a LIVE two hour show featuring his choice of of the songs you know and love.
20.30 20.30

FRH Radio DJ's Top 5 Picks of the Week

Our presenters selection of the top five songs of the week and our Listener's Choice of 'track of the week'
01.00 & 13.00

The Black Ribbon Records Hour

An hour of music from artists who are signed to the Black Ribbon Record label
11.30 00.00 23.00 17.30

The Country Roads Records Hour

A playlist of music from artists who are signed to the Country Roads Record label
00.00 16.00

The Indiexpress Hour

An hour of music from artists who are being promoted by Indiexpress
00.00 19.00 04.00 17.30

The Nite Sky Records Hour

An hour of music from artists who are signed to the Nite Sky Record label
21.30 04.00 17.30 00.00

The Rock and Roll Hour

This show is no longer being broadcast. Look out for a new rock and roll show coming soon.

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