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ACADAMY OF WESTERN ARTISTS 2022 AWARDS - Two nominations for FRH Radio!

We are delighted to announce that FRH Radio has been included as one of the final five nominations in the Radio Station catagory for the AWA Awards which are due to be held in Texas on the 13th October 2022. The top five nominees are selected by disc jockeys world wide, so it is both a privilage and an honour to be included in this auspicious awards ceremony.

To add to our excitement, our joint founder and on-air personality, Kay Cook-Abbott has also had a top five nomination in the Disk Jockey category so we will be waiting for October with baited breath.....

We will announce the awards winners in both catagories here, and on our Facebook page, as soon as we know.

(First Published 2nd August 2022)

MORE New Shows Added to our Broadcast Schedule !!

We are pleased to announce that some new shows have been added to our schedule with effect from the 23rd July. Broadcast days and times of all our shows are detailed on our "Whats On" page, so why not check them out, listen in and let us know what you think?

We are also excited to confirm that 3 of our most popular shows - "The Orange Blossom Special", "The Voice of the UK's Western Swing Show" and "Dennis Scott's Happy Hour" are now being syndicated on other radio stations in areas which we are not currently licensed to broadcast to, including Australia, parts of the EU and Africa. This is great news for all the independent artists we play on these shows, whose work is now being heard around the world....

So, if you are an independent artist and have not yet submitted your work to us for airplay, this is even more reason to do it now! Go to our "Song Submissions" page for more information.

(UPDATE 29.7.22 - Another two new shows have been added to our schedule. KTodd Classic Country is a 2 hour show featuring our favourite country songs of the last 30+ years and Radio Rehab is another 2 hour show featuring a mix of stories, interviews, and great music hosted by Diamond Rio's very own Dana Williams. Check out our "What's On" page for broadcast times.

(First Published 25th July 2022)


Your chance to introduce YOUR favourite song on FRH Radio

We are in the process of putting a new show together called Listeners Choice, where listeners of FRH Radio get to become a DJ by introducing their favourite country songs.

All you have to do is record yourself on the voice recorder of you mobile phone introducing your favourite country song. It can be mainstream or independent, but if you are an artist, it cannot be your own song, and please make sure there are no background noises such as children, dogs or vehicles which will prevent us from playing your intro.

Once you have recorded your voice intro, all you have to do is


to send us your details and your voice file. Then just sit back and wait for the show to air. You can do several seperate intro's if you have several favourite songs.

See our Facebook page for more information and updates, via our 'Contact' page.

(First Published 13th May 2022)

New Shows Added to our Broadcast Schedule !!

FRH Radio prides itself on bringing the best country music we can find to our listeners, so we are pleased to announce the addition of FOUR new shows to our line-up effective from the 26th February.

These include shows featuring the best of Canadian and Australian Country music, a new UK based show and the top 20 Billboard Country Airplay chart.

The broadcast times for the new shows, and the re-arranged timings for some existing shows, are all detailed on our "What's On" page. Take a look.

(UPDATE 25.3.22 - A FIFTH New Show will be joining FRH Radio in early April 2022.
Dennis Scott will be broadcasting his "HAPPY HOUR" from his favourite studio (or should that be Bar?). Sounds interesting? Check out our "Whats On" page for broadcast days and times.

(First Published 26th February 2022)

Fair Play Country Music Awards

We are delighted to announce that Kay Cook-Abbott has received nomination for 10 catagories in these forthcoming awards.

Most of the nominations are for Kay's contributions as an independent country music artist, but here at FRH Radio, we are particulally pleased that she has been nominated for the catagory of "Radio Host".

Updates will be available on this page when more information is available.

(Update 04/09/22 - We are pleased to announce that Kay has won a Fair Play Country Music award in the Blues Country Cover (Female) catagory for her track BORN TO SING which appears on her 2020 Album "Feel So Country". Huge congratulations to all award winners!)

(First Published 16th January 2022)

Our 1st Birthday!!

FRH Radio is ONE YEAR OLD on the 4th January 2022...

FRH Radio sprang from the germ of an idea between Kay and Mick during the UK lockdown in late 2020 and after a lot of hard work over the 2020 Christmas period, the first broadcast was aired on the 4th January 2021.

The success of the station has exceeded all expectations and this can only be put down to the support we have received from all the independent artists, songwriters, record companies and promoters in the country music community, many of whom have become friends and colleagues, who have shared their invaluable experience and knowledge with us. We must also thank our many loyal listeners without whom we would have no purpose.

We look forward to our second year of broadcasting and adding even more great independent music to our play lists.

(First Published 2nd January 2022)

Endorsement Award

Kay Cook-Abbott and FRH Radio have received an endorsement for "always going above and beyond for all Artists".

This unsolicited and unexpected endorsement has recently been issued by Rocking Around The Clock Radio, Dory's Indie Starz Radio, Space Angel Music Co, Sound Wave One and Indie Starz Records, a group of music industry specialists operating out of Canada and the USA.
Kay says " On behalf of the station, I am both pleased and proud to be awarded this endorsement. We look forward to supporting many more independent artists over the coming years.

(First Published 20th June 2021)

ISSA Awards Nominations

We are proud to announce that after only 4 months on air, two of FRH Radio's founders have been nominated for Awards by the International Singer Songwriter Association.

Mick Hearn (aka "The Voice of the UK"), has been nominated for International DJ of the Year (FRH Radio) and Kay Cook-Abbott has been nominated in three categories, International Emerging Artist of the Year, DJ of the Year (for her show on IAM4U Radio), and ISSA Rep of the Year.

The awards ceremony takes place in the USA in August 2021 so watch this space for more information, and if you haven't already heard Mick's "Western Swing Show", you can tune in on FRH Radio every Sunday at 7.00pm, Tuesday at 1.00pm and Friday at 1.30am and again at 9.30pm (all UK times).

To learn more about the ISSA and see a full list of award nominees CLICK HERE

(UPDATE - Unfortunately neither Kay or Mick won an award, but as Kay says "Just being nominated after less than 6 months on air was a great honour in itself, so we are not disappointed, and we offer our congratulations and best wishes to all ISSA award winners!")

(First Published 4th May 2021)

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