Meta Tagging Service

It is vitally important that all mp3 files sent to FRH Radio are correctly meta tagged. Without this information we are unable to play your music!

The meta tag should contain as an absolute minimum the song title and the artist's name, however, to ensure that our licensing partners can pick up the correct data for all royalty payments, your mp3 files should also contain the IRSC code for the track. This will ensure that the performer, the publisher and the songwriter will all receive the royalties due to them.

Unfortunately many of the tracks we receive are not properly meta tagged and we are therefore unable to play the songs.

For those artists who struggle with meta tagging, we are now offering an affordable meta tagging service to all.

For only £1.50 per song, we will meta tag your music tracks for you.

If you would be interested in using this service, please contact us at for further details.