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FRH Radio will shorthly be airing a new show - LISTENERS CHOICE - where we invite YOU, the listener, to submit a voice file to us in which YOU can introduce one of your favourite songs or artist. You might perhaps also want to give an on-air dedication to a loved one or announce a celebration or a special occasion?

All you have to do is record yourself on the voice recorder of your mobile phone or computer, introducing your favourite country song. It can be a mainstream or independent artist, but if you are an artist, it cannot be your own song, and please make sure there are no background noises such as children, dogs or vehicles which will prevent us from playing your intro.

Then complete the form below, attach your voice file and press SUBMIT. It's as easy as that!......and you can submit as many intro's as you want.

Most sound file formats will be acceptable up to a maximun of 1Mb file size.

It is also important that you provide the FULL artist name and FULL track title so we can locate the track in our music library. If we do not have the song, we will do our best to source it.

Alternatively, if you find it easier, you can send your voice file to us in an email to but please remember to include your name and the full names of both the artist and song. One entry per email please..

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